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Fantastic! A real artist who uncannily captures the dog's spirit. Many thanks!
Sondra, I received today the tile you made of our Shar Pei, Miss M...aggie Mae! It looks awesome! My wife was elated! She said: "That's not just a Shar Pei, that's Maggie!" You did an incredible job. Thank you!! ~ Kevin Hrycay
Thank you, Sondra, for your beautiful work. The tile of our sweet Max was just amazing, and it touched my mom more then you can imagine! She kept touching his nose and said "it's just like his!" We appreciate you so much! Thanks a million! ~ Kristen Duty McDaniel

Hi Sondra!  I just picked up the two tiles you were wonderful enough to create for me and I could not be more thrilled!  The tiles and the cards you included arrived in perfect condition and are stunning!  You captured both dogs perfectly and I cannot wait to give them to my friends.  I expect a lot of happy tears!!

Thank you so much for being willing to take on special requests.  I know I will be purchasing more of your spectacular tiles in the future.  And once again thank you so much for these beautiful renditions of my friends' furry kids!   Until the next time, much appreciation ~ Linda


Dear Sondra,  I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on the two most recent tiles that you made for me.  These were the tiles of my Goldendoodle puppies on a background of yellow flowers.  Perfect!!!  There are no other words to describe the tiles.  I am always so pleased with the commissioned tiles that you make for me.    Thanks again!  ~ Warren W. Pagel, M.D.

I am in awe of what you do. You have raised more money for charity in our town than  M. C. Hammer ever lost. You are a gem! ~ Rich Levine
I started with 2 pre-made tiles from the gallery as gifts and graduated to a custom piece. It just arrived and is absolutely amazing. Sondra has managed to bring my dog to life on the tile. Her work is realistically, beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the custom tile of my much loved, Pixie!

I know that I will be purchasing additional custom artwork from her for my pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. She is that good. Period! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful artwork with me!!

As you can see, I am very happy. Your work makes me smile from ear to ear. I appreciate your patience with the 10,000 pictures that I sent. You captured Pixie perfectly.

Talk soon,
..."Dear Sondra, A number of days ago I received the tile you made of Yogi. I said to myself (again) what I had said when I received the previous three tiles you made, "She hit it right on!" The image is perfect; the color is the exact color of Yogi. You did another outstanding job. Thank you for your good work. When future dogs come into our lives, I am sure I will be in touch with you again. Thanks again for a beautiful tile." ~Warren
The dog tissue box I ordered is wonderful as was my experience with Sondra. Sondra took the time and the initiative to reach out to me so she could personalize the box. She offered to add the name of my dog (in my case, it was 2 dog names). In addition, she sent me a variety of colors to choose from so I could coordinate the color of the box with the room where it was to be placed. A. nice surprise was imprinting dog paws near the names of my dogs! I would have been happy to have received the tissue box as I saw it on the site. Sondra's extra touches made it extra nice; something just for me. She and her products are sure to please. -Robyn
Absolutely wonderful from probably the finest artist and seller on eBay. -shawneemom
I received your tiles and they are amazing. You have a gift. An amazing gift.  I never expected how beautiful these tiles were going to be.  I'm gathering up some more picture of my other pets and some from friends and family members for gifts.  Thank you so much for the note cards that you sent.  I can't say enough about your work.  Everyone that has seen them and knows me, recognizes each dog and cat and comments how beautiful the tiles are made.  I will be recommending your work to everyone.   God bless,  Carol Daughtry
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These arrived in the mail yesterday and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I now have to get hubby in gear to get started on the downstairs project so we can use them in the wall!!!!!!!!!!!They really are super cool!  And I totally LOVE the eyes!!!! -Julie
This was truly one of the most heart-touching moments I've had in a long, long time. When I saw it I literally burst into really captured Buddy and to have him honored by being on the wall at KHS (and me too!) absolutely touched my heart. Amazing work. Thank you.   -Carol Hughes-Kfdi
OMG  !!!  Tank is here and he's absolutely unbelievable.  My husband and I just opened the box and we just looked at each other.  It is Tank !!  I expect that head to bark !!  It is so amazing and it looks exactly like him.  I mean exactly.  I just can't tell you how pleased I am.  I'm going to have a hard time waiting till Christmas to give it to them.  I am just floored!  You are so talented and I am so glad I ran across you in ebay.  Now Woodrow.  I can hadly wait.
Thank you so so much,  Awsome...
JoAnne Dooley
THANK YOU!  The Mitsu Tile I ordered arrived yesterday afternoon. 
However, I had warned my husband within an inch of his life not to go out the front door when he arrived home before me.
You were able to capture Mitsu's grainy-looking nose, the extra fur under her chin, her black & white coat, one drooping eye (just slightly), and, of course, her beautiful brown eyes.  I cried for a good 15 minutes after I opened the package today in private.  The tile is simply perfect, and I know that my husband will love it, too.
Thanks again for creating such a wonderfully special Christmas gift from me to my husband; we both loved Mitsu so much.  You do great work!  I'll brag you up whenever I can.  -Janet Bahl
I am absolutely speechless as to your talent and the truly superb job that you did on the two tiles.  Both tiles capture both my "babies" with all their character, facial expression, and coloring!  If you ever need any recommendations for your magnificent work, I am your person! - Regards and woof, Steve Mosteiro
My Tweet from actress Kristin Chenoweth after taking her a tile backstage of "Promises, Promises" of her lovely dog Maddie   ~    KChenoweth: @Alexarttile "I LOVED it. Its in my dressing room! U made my year with that!"

Sondra, Wow, that was about 2 weeks sooner than expected.  We’re in the dog rescue “business” so you can count on referrals from Melaney and I.  You are skilled, ambitious, offer a great product, and have excellent customer service skills (you actually communicate!).  I think that’s most of what is needed for success.  We’ll pass the word and try to help you get to “the next level”.

Happy Holidays to you, too. 
Tony Munday
Just when I think "can she get any better"? Sondra your gift just blows me away - What a blessing to bring joy into the lives of others - and your "work" certainly does that!! ~ Lisa Reid
"Oh Sondra the Schipperke tile you made was soooo good...the lady we sent it too absolutely LOVED it! It was dead on baby, great job!"
Sandra K. Ottaway
"I first became aware of Sondra when a friend gave me a brochure on Alexander Art. I started taking 'face' pictures of my Golden Retriever 'Shamus' in June, 2009 and ordered his 'tile' on August 19, 2009 (Shamus' 9th birthday). Shamus went to doggie heaven on October 8, 2009. I called Sondra to let her know about Shamus and we were both crying on the phone. Besides her creative side she is a very compassionate person. She sent me a note card with Shamus' tile picture on it and I plan on ordering quite a few boxes. I wish all the encounters I have had were as enjoyable as working with such a wonderful person as Sondra. As I told her in an email I truly hope our paths cross someday." Jim Horan & Diane 'Sam' Sampson, Avon, CO
"Receiving our tiles from Sondra was just exactly like Christmas morning! As we unwrapped them, we got more and more excited. We bought 10 tiles. They are so much more wonderful than I imagined they would be. The photos on Sondra's website DO NOT do them justice. In person they are more 3-D and the dogs actually come alive!  I have only one regret.... I should have had Sondra do more original tiles of my dogs. I only had her do three and they are my favorites of all. The one she did of my little Brittany Quinny captures her expression perfectly. Looks just like she does when she's about to do something naughty... That's our Quinny! We love our tiles. Working with Sondra was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. She is VERY talented! Our dog shower is SO special. Everyone who sees it, comments on how great it is. We feel really fortunate to have such a fun place to bathe our doggies.
Thank you from the bottom our hearts Sondra!!"
-Carolyn Allgeier
Santa Barbara, CA & Cedar Point, Ont

"Sondra's tiles are very unique one of a kind pieces of art. What better way to immortalize your pet. I also have given these as gifts to my friends and celebrity talent."

- Christopher Ameruoso (Editor in Chief of PAW print magazine)

"One of my happiest discoveries on the Internet has been Sondra's ceramic dog tiles.  The dog faces are so realistic and every dog tile she has made for me has looked exactly like the picture I sent her.   She responds quickly to any questions and it is obvious that this is more than just a business to her...she puts her heart into her artwork.  It is a pleasure to give her artwork as a gift and a thrill to see how happy it makes my friends when they open it!!!  There are a lot of dog items out there to buy....but Sondra's artwork gives a person a special remembrance of their dog that they will treasure forever."

                          -Jacquie  Schiernbeck

"I have admired Sondra's work and am proud to now own a bronze piece."

- Britt M Brown

"I received the tile today and I just wanted to thank you so much.
More beautiful than I could have hoped for! Absolutely AMAZING work!
My Mom loved it. Beautiful work - I will recommend you to everyone we know. I can't say enough good things. Thank you thank you thank you!" -Christy

"I got the Bingo tile today, he is absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to give it to my friend for her b-day. Thank you so much." - Renee Miller

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