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Watch me playing with a Lioness at the West Coast Game Park in Bandon, Oregon... I love her!!!

Click on link!!!

It's funny, she cocks her head and poses with me like she's smiling for the camera! (~: Enjoy!


Ceramic 3D Portraits make great gifts or memorials!
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Custom Ceramic Tile!

Just send photo and Sondra will sculpt and paint your design for only $195.00

Item Name: Custom Exotic
Item Number: Sculpt & Paint
Price: $195.00

add name, no extra charge!

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Alpaca 01a    
In Stock    
9"Wx 9.75"T (square part 6"x8")    
Price: $64.00    

Raccoon 01

Raccoon 01a

Alpaca 01
SOLD In Stock In Stock
6"Wx 6"T

6"Wx 6"T

9"Wx 9.75"T (square part 6"x 8")
Price: $50.00

Price: $50.00

Price: $64.00




Click here for larger image!

Click here for larger image!

Click here for larger image!
Gorilla 01 In Stock

Leopard Cub 01 In Stock

Tiger 01 In Stock
    (I have a white tiger also)
 1 In Stock

2 In Stock

In Stock
Price: $50.00

Price: $50.00

Price: $50.00
6.75"Wx 7.75"T

6"Wx 6"T

8"Wx 7.75"T



Click here for larger picture!
Blue Iguana 01 Chimpanzee 01 In Stock Chimpanzee 02 In Stock
In Stock In Stock In Stock
Price: $50.00

Price: $50.00

Price: $50.00
6"Wx 6"T 6"Wx 6.5"T 7.75"Wx 7"T

Lion 01 In Stock Panda Bear 01 In Stock Cobra Snake 01
  "S" not included on tile
7.25"Wx 9.75"T 8"Wx 7.5"T 6"Wx 6"T
1 IN STOCK 2 IN STOCK sold out, but can be remade for $75.00
Price: $64.00 Price: $50.00 Price: $50.00

Giraffe 01c In Stock Giraffe 01f In Stock Giraffe 01g In Stock
8"Wx 7.5"T 8"Wx 7.5"T 8"Wx 7.5"T
Price: $50.00 Price: $50.00 Price: $50.00

Lioness 01 In Stock Tissue Box Cover page Koala Bear 01 In Stock
7.75"x 9" click on picture to purchase! 7"x10.25"
Price: $64.00 IN STOCK Price: $64.00
1 IN STOCK   Sold

Turn any Tiles into a Tissue Box Cover!  
Tissue Box Cover page Elephant 01  
click on picture to purchase! 10"x 12"  
1 In Stock Price: $150.00  
  1 In Stock  

Click here for Exotic Semi Custom Tiles
Square part of Tiles are 6" x 6" give or take 1/8"
Please contact us for a whole new design!
*Save on shipping... buy more than one*
Please note that tiles are hand made,
so they may be a little different than pictured!

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Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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