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~ Happy Smoke Free Life to all of my dog lover friends!

We all know that second hand smoke kills people,

but have you thought about your furry pals?

It is just as harmful to your pets!

So make this the year you stop smoking ~




****Scroll Down to see a list of all the dog breeds available for purchase! ****
All I need is a photo of your pet!

RELIEF EFFORT FOR MY MOM! Well, I didn't make it by Christmas, but I'm not giving up! I can do this if I have enough people sharing my website! ...I am trying to raise money for my mom to get Stem Cell treatments for her knees! She has been hobbling around, it seems like forever, and now she is going to be confined to a wheelchair if something is not done. She has been in the hospital a couple of times right before Christmas for her heart and for a Baker's Cyst on her knee that needed to be drained. Dad just paid for a chair lift (money out of their pocket that the insurance won't pay for). She is not a candidate for Knee replacement because of her heart. My tiles are called "Relief" tiles and I have used them as fundraising items for homeless animals. Now I would like to use them for my mother to give her "Relief" and to be able to walk again. Please share this Website with everyone you know! I'm hoping and praying my website will spread like wildfire and I can sell enough tiles to give my mom her mobility again! Thank you so much and Happy Valentine's Day!  

Sondra Alexander 2-12-18

Pick a tile from the list of dogs below and Sondra will paint a tile like your pet for $75.00 "semi-custom"

or she can sculpt & paint one just for you for $195.00  "custom"

I will work with you to make this piece to your specifications and I strive to make this an enjoyable experience!!!
Click here to see the tiles framed ~  Display Ideas
Click here to see Pet Urns. Click here to see Treat Jars!Click here to see Tissue Box Covers!  
Put your dog's face on it!!!  Order now to get it by Christmas, don't wait too long!  
Treat jars! Tissue Box Covers! Urns! Vase/Planters/Waste Baskets!  
Click on Images to see Urns, Treat Jars and Tissue Covers  Custom Dog Tile
Sculpt & Paint
Price: $195.00
    *Just send a picture of your pet!*  
Ceramic 3D Portraits make great gifts or memorials!

Also, Sondra can make matching notecards from tile image!  

Click here to order note cards ~ Price is $15.00 for box of 10 !

Click here for Tile pricing & How it all works!
Because I've been so busy, not all In Stock tiles are on the website yet!

Please ask about your breed and I'll send you a picture!

Click on "Gift Certificate" box   to purchase gift certificate!

*Click on the breed below!*

Many new designs of each breed are NOT listed on website!  please contact me and I'll send you pictures of new designs!

Airedale New!
Akita New!
Alaskan Malamute
American Cocker Spaniel page
American Staffordshire Terrier
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Kelpie
Australian Shepherd
Basenji page
Basset Hound


Beagle page
Bearded Collie
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Sheepdog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bichon Frise page
Border Collie
Border Terrier
Boston Terrier
Bouvier des Flandres new breed !
Boxer Tile page new design !
Boxer (cropped ear)  page
Brussels Griffon New!

Bull Terrier page


Cairn Terrier Is Stock page
Cairn Terrier page
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Tile page
Catahoula Leopard new breed !
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Chihuahua cute new design !
Chihuahua In Stock page
Chinese Crested
Collie -New
Coton de Tulear new breed !
Dachshund In Stock page
Dachshund Tile page
Dachshund Long-hair
Dachshund Wirehair
Doberman Pinscher Tile page

Dogue de Bordeaux

English Bulldog
English Mastiff
English Pointer
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Spitz
Flat Coated Retriever new breed !
Fox Hound New!
French Bulldog
Galgo Espano - A Spanish Greyhound



German Shepherd Page new design !
German Shorthair Pointer
German Wirehair Pointer
Glen of Imaal Terrier
Golden Retriever In Stock
Golden Retriever new design !
Gordon Setter
Great Dane natural ears 
Great Dane Page
Great Pyrenees Page
 In Stock Greyhound Tile page
Greyhound Tile page
Ibizan Hound Smooth Coat
Irish Setter
Irish Terrier
Italian Greyhound
Italian Spinone
Jack Russell Tile page
Jack Russell Wirehair
Keeshond New!
Kerry Blue Terrier
 In Stock Labrador Retriever page
Labrador page 01
Labrador page 02
Labrador page 03
Lakeland Terrier
Lhasa Apso
Maltese page
Miniature Pinscher
Mix Breed In Stock
Mix Breed page
Mix Breed page 02 -New
Neapolitan Mastiff
Norfolk Terrier
  Norwich Terrier  
Old English Sheepdog
PBGV - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Pekingese new design !
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Tile page
Podenco Ibecenco
Pomeranian new design
Miniature Poodle -New
Toy Poodle -New
Pug Tile page
Rat Terrier
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Schnauzer (clip)Tile page Cute New design!
Schnauzer Tile page
Schnauzer  (flop ear) new design !
Schnoodle -New!
Scottish Terrier
 Sheltie -New!
Shiba Inu
Shichon (Shih tzu and Bichon mix)
Shih Tzu Tile page
Shih Tzu Tile In Stock page
Siberian Husky
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
St Bernard
Tibetan Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier
Welsh Corgi Tile page
West Highland Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

The cost is only $75.00 if you would like different markings on stock tiles,
please send a picture.
Please contact us for a whole new design!

Click here for Wholesale price list

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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Part of the proceeds will go to an animal relief fund!
*All tiles are sent with shipping insurance*

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